What is in your Treasure Box?

Video Album

A5 PU leather album (white)

+ 7inch HD TFT IPS screen

Memory: 8GB

+ Micro USB cable 

*Upload videos and photos anytime

(Photos will play in a slide show)


Memory: 32GB

*Back up all your videos and photos


Every purchased service includes 1 Treasure Box!

Clip merge

We'll merge all your short clips to longer videos and format so you can watch all your memories in your Treasure Box.


+Shipping Costs

Phone Edit


We'll edit clips

from your phone

[total length: 0-120min]

to memorable highlight reels*

[Every 60 min added] + $49


+Shipping Costs

Custom Video

We will create a bespoke video of your choice.

Length 3-5min

e.g. Portrait, Birthday, Baptism



+Shipping Costs

Treasure Bundle

Phone Edit:

Total length: 0-120 min

[Every 60 min added] + $49


Custom Video


+Shipping Costs


Extra Treasure Box

Only available when purchasing a service

+Shipping Costs

* A highlight reel includes the best moments of your provided clips to create an engaging video montage. This means longer clips are shortened to establish aesthetic flow. It is likely that we will create more than 1 highlight reel ( = up to 10 min) from your clips.  E.g  Year 1, Year 2 etc. Year 1 (PART 1), Year 1 (PART 2). The number of highlight reels produced depends on the quantity and variety of the subject matter captured in your raw footage. Examples of a 'Phone Edit' are displayed on this website. Of course, you can load your longer clips on your Treasure Box whenever you choose.

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